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Caged Prowler
Mana cost: 3
Rarity: Rare
Faction: Slither
Type: Building
Description: After 16 seconds the cage releases the Prowler and falls apart.
Flavor text: Preferring not to face the vicious beasts, Slitherbound typically just activate the cage and run away. Fast.
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Health: 400
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Duration: 24 sec
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Caged Prowler is one of the Building cards in Minion Masters.

If the Cage is destroyed before the prowler is released, the Prowler dies too, because of this, only 134 damage is necessary to counter the Caged Prowler.

The timer for the release of the Prowler is not affected by stun effects.


  • Caged Prowler was added in Update 1.4 - Sand Wars Expansion! (15 Aug, 2019) as a season card as part of the Sand Wars battle pass.
  • In Mini-Update - Mal’Shaars Malicious Malediction! (21 Nov, 2019) Caged Prowler's health was increased from 300 to 400.
  • In Update 1.26 - Best Plan NO PLAN! (1 July, 2021), Caged Prowler received the following changes:
    • Duration reduced from 30 seconds -> 24 seconds
    • Activation delay reduced from 20 seconds -> 16 seconds
    • The same amount of damage is required to counter it, this just makes it summon the Prowler faster