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Crystal Construct
Mana cost: 5
Rarity: Common
Faction: Crystal Elf
Type: Minion
Description: Gain 1 mana on death.
Flavor text: The Crystal Constructs act as both shield and stockpile for the magically dependent elven army.
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Targets: Ground
Health: 800
Attack speed: 6 sec
Damage: 100 (DPS: 16.67)
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Range: 0.8 (Melee)
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Movement speed: 4
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Duration: {{{duration}}} sec
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Crystal Construct is one of the Minion cards in Minion Masters.

Crystal Construct also gives you 1 mana when ressurected by a Tombstone


  • Crystal Construct was added in Update 78 - Guardians of the Crystal Spire (9 Oct, 2018) as a Season Card as part of the Guardians of the Crystal Spire Season
  • In Update 80 (24 Oct, 2018) Crystal Construct mana refunded when played was reduced from 2 to 1.
  • In Update 1.2 - Morellia the Lich Queen (19 Jun, 2019) Crystal Construct's damage was increased from 60 to 80.
  • In Update 1.13 - Charging into Darkness (28 May, 2020) Crystal Construct was changed to give mana on death, rather than when summoned.
  • In Update 1.22 - Outlandish Operations (4 March, 2021) Crystal Construct's damage was increased from 80 to 100.
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