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Diona is one of the Masters in Minion Masters. This master is unlocked with 1500 Shards or 775 Rubies.


Diona journeys with her trusty pup Ruffles, hunting foul beasts and wicked beings all across the Realm of Light. Little is known about her, except she's very good at her job.

Now... she is hunting the Witchwolf.


The Witch Hunter Diona uses a variety of traps to deal with any threat. Her trusty sidekick Ruffles fetches useful items from the battlefield to his master.

Get to know Diona and Ruffles as they venture into the Pinewood


Basic Attack[edit]

  • Rapidly fires bolts from her dual crossbows for 20 damage every 1 sec with a range of 10. Lays a Bear Trap every 20 seconds.
  • Bear Trap - Roots a minion in place for 4 seconds. Deals 50 damage, lasts 15 seconds.


Diona Perk1.jpg Art of the Hunt (Unlocks at 20 XP)

  • Add a Trap card to Diona’s deck. The card alternates between Crossbow Trap and Decoy Trap with each draw.
  • Crossbow Trap - Stealth. Fires bolts at nearby minions. Costs 1 mana, deals 30 damage per second, 100 health, lasts 15 seconds.
  • Decoy Trap - Taunts nearby enemy minions. Costs 1 mana, has 300 health, lasts 15 seconds.

Diona Perk2.jpg Fetch! (Unlocks at 60 XP)

  • Every 10 seconds, Ruffles will run to a killed enemy Minion and dig up a prize.
  • Prizes: 2 mana, 3 XP, 250 Master Health.

Diona Perk3.jpg Thrill of the Hunt (Unlocks at 120 XP)

  • Adds another Trap card to Diona’s deck.


  • Diona's bear traps are placed 10 ranged away from Diona in the direction of either bridge. Their placement alternates between the two lanes.
  • Diona's Trap cards can be placed anywhere on the field, unlike other buildings.
  • After second perk is reached, the next enemy minion that dies will drop a potion with color depending on the prize, Ruffles will then get off the Master Tower moving towards the potion. If he takes any damage meanwhile, he will return to the Master Tower, otherwise, once he reached the potion, he will gain you the prize after a short delay, and then return to the Master Tower. Whenever Ruffles returns to the Master Tower, it will take him 10 seconds to cooldown. Once the cooldown of his ability is finished, the next enemy minion that dies will drop a potion and the process will be repeated.


  • Diona was added in Update 86 - Diona the Witch Hunter (23 Jan, 2019) as part of the Rise of the Howling Moon Battle Pass theme and lore.
  • In Mini-Update - Mal’Shaars Malicious Malediction! (21 Nov, 2019) Diona's Decoy Trap's mana cost was reduced from 1 to 0.
  • In Update 1.11 (26 Mar, 2020) Decoy Trap's mana cost was increased from 0 to 1


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