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Divine Warrior
Mana cost: 5
Rarity: Common
Faction: Empyrean
Type: Minion
Description: Divine Shield, Taunt.

Divine Shield: A holy shield that makes the wearer immune to damage

Taunt: All nearby enemies will target this Minion.

Flavor text: Though she failed her trials with the Chapel of Light, she still picked up a few tricks.
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Targets: Ground
Health: 350
Attack speed: 2 sec
Damage: 70 (DPS: 35)
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Range: 0.4 (Melee)
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Movement speed: 5
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Divine Warrior is one of the Minion cards in Minion Masters.


When summoned, starts with a shield that lasts 5 seconds and makes her immune to any damage.

Can be killed by Lightning Bolt or Arcane Bolt while shield is active.

Divine Shield:

  • Duration: 5 sec


  • In Update 16 - Greeting Seasons! (7 Feb, 2017) Divine Warrior's damage was reduced from 70 to 60 (DPS from 35 to 30)
  • In Update 35 (5 Jul, 2017) Last change was reverted and Divine Warrior's damage was increased back to 70 (DPS back to 35)
  • In Update 87 - Guilds (7 Feb, 2019) Divine Warrior received the following changes:
    • Mana cost reduced from 5 to 4
    • Shield duration reduced from 8 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • In Update 1.3 (17 Jul, 2019) Divine warrior received the following changes:
    • Health increased from 350 to 400
    • Mana cost increased from 4 to 5
  • In Update 1.16 - Nightmares (20 Aug, 2020) Divine Warrior's Divine Shield's duration was increased from 5 seconds to 6 seconds.
  • In Update 1.26 - Best Plan NO PLAN! (1 July, 2021), Divine Warrior gained Taunt.
  • In a hotfix launched on 8 July, 2021, the duration of Divine Shield was reduced to 5 seconds.
  • In Update 1.27 - Best Plan NO PLAN! (5 August, 2021), the health of Divine Warrior was reduced from 400 to 350.