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Gor'Rakk Gate
Mana cost: 3
Rarity: Supreme
Faction: Voidborne
Type: Spell
Description: Open a portal to the void and Summon either of the following with Blood Pact:

- 3x Elite Swarmers

- 2x Dragon Whelps

- 1x Cleaver

Blood Pact: Inflicts True Damage to your master equal to 75% of the damage taken by this minion - even overkill damage.

True Damage: Goes through any protection.

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Gor'Rakk Gate is one of the Spell cards in Minion Masters.


Can only be played on your side of the field.

When in hand, an image is shown above the card to indicate what Minion(s) will be summoned on play.

Works in a cycle - the first option it summons is random, but it will then cycle through the other options.


  • Gor'Rakk Gate was added in Update 88 - Battle for Light's Reach (20 Feb, 2019) as a Season Card as part of the Battle for Light's Reach Battle Pass.
  • In Update 1.11 (26 Mar, 2020) Gor'Rakk Gate received the following changes:
    • Mana cost increased from 2 to 3
    • The card now has an image shown above it to indicate what Minion(s) will spawn on play.
  • In Update 1.13 - Charging into Darkness (28 May, 2020) the attack speed of Dragon Whelps was worsened from 1s to 1.1s
  • In Update 1.20 - Uprising (7 January, 2021), Brutish Betrayer was reworked:
    • Turncoat (switches sides the first time it drops below 50% health) was removed.
    • Gained Blood Pact: Your master loses health equal to half of the damage they take, even overkill damage.
  • In Update 1.23 - Outlandish Operations (21 April, 2021) the master damage for Blood Pact was increased from 50% to 66%.
  • In a hotfix launched on 8 July, 2021, the master damage from Blood Pact was increased from 66% to 75%.
  • In Update 1.29 - Malediction (21 October, 2021), Gor'Rakk Gate received the following changes:
    • The 7x Swarmers option instead summons 3x Elite Swarmers
    • Now works in a cycle instead of random; the first card summoned is chosen at random, but after that it will cycle through the other options.
  • In Update 1.30 - Malediction (25 November, 2021), the health of Elite Swarmers was reduced from 250 to 225.