Minion Masters Wiki
Jade Flingers
Mana cost: 3
Rarity: Common
Faction: Zen-Chi
Type: Minion
Description: On draw, plant a Growthburst Shroom.

Throws 2 Jade Daggers in quick succession.

Jade Daggers: Deal small damage

Growthburst Shroom: Plant a Growthbirst Shroom in your arena that gives a friendly Zen-Chi Minion Giant Growth when picked up

Giant Growth:

+30% Attack damage.

+30% Health

Flavor text: Jadespark Jungle is home to the most wondrous plantlife in the world. The Mu-Hou protect it.
Count: 2
Targets: Ground & Air
Health: 90
Attack speed: 2 sec
Damage: 20 (DPS: 10)
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Range: 6 (Ranged)
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Movement speed: 7
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Jade Flingers is one of the Minion cards in Minion Masters.


The Jade Daggers that this minion throws mean that instead of dealing 20 damage per attack, each minion deals 10 damage twice.


  • Jade Flingers was added in Update 1.10 - Saving Jadespark Jungle (5 Mar, 2020) as a season card as part of Saving Jadespark Jungle Battle Pass.
  • In a hotfix launched on 12 Mar, 2020 Jade Flingers received the following changes:
    • Damage reduced from 18 to 16
    • Attack speed worsened from 1.5s to 1.8s
  • In Update 1.12 (30 Apr, 2020) Jade Flingers received the following changes:
    • Damage increased from 16 to 20
    • Attack speed worsened from 1.8s to 2s
  • In Update 1.30 - Malediction (25 November, 2021), Giant Growth (granted by Growthburst Shroom) was buffed to grant +30% health and damage (previously: +25% health and damage)