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League placement determines the player's ranking in online matchmaking. League placement resets each ranked season, which happens whenever there is an update.

There are 10 leagues in total: Wood, Stone, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster and Contender.

Each league has 5 ranks, going from 5 to 1, where 1 is the highest and 5 the lowest rank within a particular league.

Grandmaster and Contender don't have any ranks, instead, the number shown on the league icon is your placement between all other Grandmanster and Contender players.

To get to Contender, you must gain 2000 points within Grandmaster.

Upon reaching a new league for the first time in a season, the player will receive a reward:

Icon Ranking Wood GUI Sprite.pngIcon Ranking Stone GUI Sprite.pngIcon Ranking Bronze GUI Sprite.pngIcon Ranking Silver GUI Sprite.pngIcon Ranking GoldRank GUI Sprite.png

Icon Ranking Platinum GUI Sprite.pngIcon Ranking Diamond GUI Sprite.pngIcon Ranking Master GUI Sprite.pngIcon Ranking GrandMaster GUI Sprite.pngContender League Icon.png

  • Wood: Nothing
  • Stone: 50 Shards
  • Bronze: 75 Rubies
  • Silver: 1000 Gold
  • Gold: 75 Shards
  • Platinum: 1200 Gold
  • Diamond: 100 Rubies
  • Master: 1500 Gold
  • Grandmaster: 150 Rubies
  • Contender: Chat color and Icon.

Gaining ranks[edit]

In general, victory in a ladder battle against a player of the same rank awards 80 points and a loss costs 80 points. With each rank the winner has over the loser 5 point is subtracted from the points he gains and the loser loses up to 40 points in total. The same goes with loser of a higher rank, compared to the winner, where loser can lose up to 120 points and winner gain the same amount.

Special cases[edit]

  • In Stone and Wood leagues, the loser doesn't lose any point in ladder battle.
  • In all the leagues except for Master I, Grandmaster and Contender, winners get double the points if their two previous ladder battles have also resulted in victory. This increases the maximal possible gain from a single battle to 240 points.
  • In all leagues except Grandmaster and Contender, points lost when you are defeated in a match are reduced by 15%. So losing against a player with the exact same rank as you would only cost you 68 points.

Previous League Rewards[edit]

  • Wood: Nothing
  • Stone: 50 Shards
  • Bronze: 75 Rubies
  • Silver: 1200 Gold
  • Gold: 75 Shards
  • Platinum: 100 Rubies
  • Diamond: 1500 Gold
  • Master: 100 Shards
  • Grandmaster: 150 Rubies