Minion Masters Wiki


During a match, Mana is the main resource. Each player can hold a maximum of 10 mana and use it to cast their cards.

If you spend mana before you would have generated an 11th mana point, then you keep the fraction of mana generated between 10 and 11.

Mana generation[]

Mana is automatically generated during the match. All the players have the same rate of mana generation.
The rate of mana generation starts at one mana every three seconds, until after 5 minutes it reaches its maximum rate of two mana every three seconds:

Time Mana Rate Time to generate
1 mana
0:00-0:59 20 per minute 3.0 sec.
1:00-1:59 24 per minute 2.5 sec.
2:00-2:59 28 per minute 2.1 sec.
3:00-3:59 32 per minute 1.9 sec.
4:00-4:59 36 per minute 1.7 sec.
5:00-end of match 40 per minute 1.5 sec.

Mana Frenzy[]

  • After reaching Mana Frenzy, your XP is converted to mana. In 1v1 you need to reach 200 XP to reach mana frenzy, in 2v2 you need to reach 400 xp.