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Mana Puff
Mana cost: 1
Rarity: Rare
Faction: Crystal Elf
Type: Puff
Description: Can only be summoned near your Master Tower. Remains on bridges and while on a bridge it generates 1 mana every 10 seconds. (First after 4 seconds)
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Health: 10
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Movement speed: 5
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Mana Puff is one of the Minion cards in Minion Masters.


In 2v2, Mana Puff only generates mana for the master who summoned it.


  • In Update 1.19 - Uprising (3 Dec, 2020), Puffs were reworked, affecting Mana Puff:
    • ”Puff” is now a card type, not a faction. Puff cards can only be spawned by the master tower and do not trigger minion abilities like Ratbo’s first and third perks.
    • In addition, Mana puff received the following changes:
      • Faction changed from Puff to Crystal Elf
      • Type changed from Minion to Puff
      • Delay for the first generated mana reduced from 10s to 4s