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Mana Puff Madness
Mana cost: 3
Rarity: Supreme
Faction: Crystal Elf
Type: Spell
Description: Summons 4 Mana Puffs at the Master Tower for each team.
Flavor text: You can never quite know what Puffs will do when they appear - besides look cute!
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Copies allowed (in Team Battles): 1

Mana Puff Madness is one of the Spell Cards in Minion Masters.


For each team, two Mana Puffs go towards the top bridge, and two Mana Puffs go towards the bottom bridge.


  • Mana Puff Madness was added in Update 78 - Guardians of the Crystal Spire (9 Oct, 2018) as a Season Card as part of the Guardians of the Crystal Spire Season.
  • In Update 1.19 - Uprising (3 Dec, 2020) Mana Puff Madness received the following changes:
    • Mana cost changed from 2 to 3
    • Faction changed from Puff to Crystal Elf
    • The delay of the initial mana generated by the Mana Puffs reduced from 10s to 4s.
  • In Update 1.28 - Malediction (20 September, 2021), Mana Puff Madness was changed so that only 1 copy of it can be used in a Team Battles deck.