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Scrap Yard
Mana cost: 4
Rarity: Supreme
Faction: Outlander
Type: Building
Description: Consumes all Tech you have and gain 60 + 1.5x the consumed Tech over 25 seconds.

When you have 100+ Tech, Summon a random 3-5 Mana Outlander card and spend 20 Tech per mana.

Outlander Tech: Whenever you draw an Outlander card gain 5 Tech per mana.

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Health: 400
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Production Speed: 5 sec
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Duration: 30 sec
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Copies allowed (in Team Battles): 1

Scrap Yard is one of the Building cards in Minion Masters.

Has Placement Aura - a mechanic that limits the placement of the building too close to the edges of the arena. This is done to prevent the building from being placed in a safe spot behind the master tower thus making it untouchable by minions attacking regularly.


Every 5 seconds, this building gives you 12 Outlander Tech, plus 30% of the Tech that was consumed when it was played.

Can not be obtained through random effects such as Future Present or Future Past.


  • Scrap Yard was added in Update 1.24 (5 May, 2021) as a season card in the Outlandish Operations battle pass.
  • Scrap Yard's original ability was "Gain 20 Outlander Tech every 5 seconds (a total of 6 times over its duration). When you have over 100 Tech, summon a 3-5 mana Outlander minion and spend 20 Tech per mana."
    • This meant that if you played it at 200 Tech, it would summon multiple Outlander cards instantly.
  • In Update 1.25 (2 June, 2021), Scrap Yard was reworked:
    • Now consumes all your Outlander Tech when played, grants you 100 Tech + 1.5x the Tech consumed when it was played over its duration
  • In Update 1.26 (1 July, 2021), the base amount of Outlander Tech given by Scrap Yard was reduced from 100 to 60.
  • In Update 1.28 - Malediction (20 September, 2021), Scrap Yard was changed so that only 1 copy of it can be used in a Team Battles deck.
  • In Update 1.31 - Invasion (6 January, 2022), Scrap Yard was changed to not appear through random effects such as Future Present, or Apep's perk 3.