Minion Masters Wiki
Mana cost: 5
Rarity: Legendary
Faction: Zen-Chi
Type: Flying Minion
Description: Shoots Chain Lightning at enemies, damaging itself in the process.

Zen-Chi Flow: Stun all enemies in range for 2 seconds.

Zen-Chi Flow: If the last card you played was Zen-Chi

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Targets: Ground & Air
Health: 150
Attack speed: 4 sec
Damage: 100 (DPS: 25)
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Range: 6 (Ranged)
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Movement speed: 5
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Stormy is one of the Minion cards in Minion Masters.

Stormy deals 100 damage to itself with each attack.


  • Stormy was added in Update 90 (20 Mar, 2019)
  • In Update 1.2 - Morellia the Lich Queen (19 Jun, 2019) Stormy received the following changes:
    • No longer stuns himself (no longer resets his target after each attack)
    • Range reduced from 8 to 6
    • Speed increased from 3 to 5
  • In Update 1.12 (30 Apr, 2020) Stormy received the following changes:
    • Attack delay increased from 1.5s to 2s
    • Attack speed worsened from 3.5s to 4s.
  • In Update 1.15 (30 Jul, 2020) Stormy's Zen-Chi Flow bonus was changed from double health to +100 health (total health with Zen-chi flow active was reduced from 250 to 225)
  • In Update 1.26 - Best Plan NO PLAN! (1 July, 2021), Stormy became unable to capture bridges, since it is a flying minion.
  • In Update 1.27 - Best Plan NO PLAN! (5 August, 2021), the Zen-Chi Flow effect of Stormy was changed from "Gain +100 Health" to "Stun all enemies in range for 2 seconds".
  • In Update 1.28 - Malediction (20 September, 2021), the maximum number of bounces that Chain Lightning (Stormy's attack) can do was increased from 10 to 12.
  • In Update 1.29 - Malediction (21 October, 2021), Stormy's health was increased from 125 to 150.