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Unholy Ground
Mana cost: 3
Rarity: Supreme
Faction: Accursed
Type: Spell
Description: Summon a Skeleton every other second. Enemy minions in the area lose Flying.

Accursed ascension: Increase Unholy Ground's duration by 6 seconds.

Accursed Ascension: Gain Accursed Ascension when you have spent 80 Mana on Accursed cards

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AOE Radius: 4.5
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Duration: 10 sec
Cast delay: 1 sec
Copies allowed (in Team Battles): 2

Unholy Ground is one of the Spell cards in Minion Masters.


  • Unholy Ground was added in Update 1.15 (30 Jul, 2020) as a season card as part of the Charging into Darkness Season Pass 3
  • In a hotfix launched on 31 Jul, 2020, Unholy Ground's Accursed Ascension effect was changed from "summon an extra skeleton every other second" to "increase duration by 6 seconds"
  • In Update 1.20 - Uprising (7 January, 2021) Accursed Ascension was changed to activate after 70 mana spent on Accursed cards, from 60.
  • In Update 1.26 - Best Plan NO PLAN! (1 July, 2021), Accursed Ascension was changed to activate after 80 mana spent on Accursed cards, from 70.
  • In Update 1.28 - Malediction (20 September, 2021), Unholy Ground was changed so that only up to 2 copies of it can be used in a Team Battles deck.
  • In Update 1.30 - Malediction (25 November, 2021), the damage of the Skeletons summoned was reduced from 25 to 20.