Minion Masters Wiki
Mana cost: 5
Rarity: Common
Faction: Stoutheart
Type: Minion
Description: Revelry: gain Rage and give nearby enemy Minions Slow.

Revelry: If summoned close to another Stoutheart unit - or if another Stoutheart unit is summoned nearby

Rage: +50% Attack damage

Slow: -20% Attack speed -20% Movement speed Removes Haste

Flavor text: As a three-time Mountain Games Timber Champion, he will chop trough anything in his path.
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Targets: Ground
Health: 600
Attack speed: 2 sec
Damage: 90 (DPS: 45)
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Range: 1.50 (Melee)
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Movement speed: 6
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Woodsman is one of the Minion cards in Minion Masters.


  • Woodsman was added in Update 1.7 - The Quest for Mountainshaper (5 Dec, 2019) as part of The Quest for Mountainshaper Batte Pass
  • In Update 1.8 - Frostival 2019 (18 Dec, 2019) Woodsman Reverly bonus was changed from gaining Haste to gaining Rage. Still applies Slow to enemy minions.
  • In Update 1.10 - Saving Jadespark Jungle (5 Mar, 2020) Woodsman's damage was increased from 80 to 90.
  • In Update 1.15 (30 Jul, 2020) Slow debuff was reduced from -25% to -20%