Minion Masters Wiki


During a match, XP is generated both passively and actively. As your XP increases, your master will gain Perks.

(This is different to Profile XP, which is earned after finishing each match)

In 2v2, XP is shared, so masters on the same team unlock their perks together.

XP generation[]

In summary:

1 XP per 4 seconds per master passively

1 XP per 4 seconds per Bridge or Bridge Shrine

2 XP per kill by Bounty Sniper

3 XP if Ruffles digs up a yellow prize


Every four seconds from the start of the match, your team gets 1 XP per master.

In 1v1 you get 1 XP every 4 seconds

In 2v2 you get 2 XP every 4 seconds


Each time a bridge is captured, a timer starts for that bridge.

You will get 1 XP every 4 seconds for that bridge, starting from when it was placed.

No-one earns XP for a bridge which is yellow (this means the bridge is not owned by either side).


The Bridge Shrine gives 1 XP whenever the bridge on the same side of the arena as it generates XP for its owner.


The Bounty Sniper gives 2 XP whenever it kills another minion or building, or hits the enemy tower.


Diona's second perk, Fetch! can sometimes generate 3 XP if Ruffles fetches a yellow prize.

Unlocking perks[]

Your total XP is displayed next to your avatar. Perks are unlocked by reaching the following total XP:

20 XP - Perk 1

60 XP - Perk 2

120 XP - Perk 3

200 XP - Mana Frenzy